"The objective of the conservator is not to change, alter or attempt to improve the original qualities of the object, but to preserve its integrity for future generations to appreciate and study"

Gilding is the art of adhering thin metal leaf to specially prepared surface in order to create the effect of solid or metal. The laying of leaf is the traditional and one of the oldest methods for finishing in the history of applied arts originates from the period of Ancient Egypt. Egyptian gilders established technique called Water Gilding - the crown of all gilding techniques - so perfect that it is not changed till now days.

Although called gilding conservators-restorers, we are often faced with the challenge of restoring and conserving objects that have other finishes such as silver, palladium, copper, bronze, brass, tin and aluminium.

We also care for objects that have been finished with metal powders, micas and other faux finishes. Often we are challenged to conserve or to restore objects finished in combination of French polish, pigment, wax, etc. and gold or other metals.

Therefore sometime we are called conservators-restorers of polychrome objects.

In this modern world, I am dedicated to offer modern techniques of restoration/conservation combined with old world craftsmanship .

I am looking forward to work with you or to share my experiences .


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